Every professional wants to be crowded with clients. When the professional is the doctor, he wants that his hospital or clinic should swarm with patients all the time.

For that, he will have to take certain steps that will certainly increase footfalls at his hospital:


1. Open hospital at approachable location:

To attract a large number of patients to your clinic or hospital, it is very important where the facility is situated.

Though you are a good doctor, it is also important that your clinic or hospital is located in right place.

If your hospital is situated in such a place where it is very difficult to reach, people will find it difficult to reach there. If your hospital is located outside the main city and the road to the facility is also not motorable, people will look for alternate hospital.

Moreover, it will be harmful to take the patient to your hospital as he is already suffering from different ailments and the road to your hospital may add more misery.

Best Location To Open A Hospital

Similarly, if the hospital or clinic is located in some by-lane, the local people may somehow prefer your hospital but those from far flung areas will find it difficult to reach there.

Therefore, it is advisable to open your clinic or hospital in such places where patients can easily reach. While opening the facility, you must also consider the transport facility available close to your hospital or clinic.

Your hospital must not be located d on such roads that are full of potholes. The bumpy ride to your hospital may add more problems to the patients.

2. Make surrounding pleasant:

You should also try to create a pleasing environment for the patients. If possible, your hospital premises have something that sooths eyes such as plants and trees etc.

It will give the patient and his relatives some relief and they will feel better.

Pleasant Surrounding

3. Create welcoming environment:

Make sure that your hospital has a welcoming environment. The building should be clean and medical wastes should not be allowed to be kept in the open.

The waiting area should also be comfortable and people do not feel uneasy and curse for coming to your hospital.

The waiting area must have comfortable chairs and something for the entertainment to keep the attendants busy.

Do not forget to arrange drinking water for patients and attendants.

Welcoming Environment

4. Make arrangements for attendants:

Many patients in your hospital might have come from far-flung area or villages and their help there attendant may want to stay in the hospital. For their stay you should also make proper arrangements.

They should not make to sleep outside the premises under the sky without any facility.

Arrangements For Attendants

5. Train your team:

Since patients are your customers and you expect them to come again and again, you should train your staff to behave properly with patients and their attendants.

Trained Team

Your staff members such as receptionist and compounder and nurses will make a great impression on patients and those who have come with them.

Ask your staff members to interact with patients before they see you. Therefore, they must answer their queries and tell about the hospital, the services provided and also the rate of each service.

They must also tell them about the latest equipment being used in the hospital during different treatment and operation etc.

6. Reduce Your Wait Times:

Long wait also has bad impact on your practice. Long wait times can be a key reason patients decide to leave your clinic and see another the doctor.

There is one skin specialist in a big city of India. To see him some time in the day, patients have to wait in queue through the night for the token that is distributed in the morning.


Suppose, if a doctor of the same caliber opens his clinic in the same area, and he does not force his patients to wait for a long time, patients will surely flock his clinic.

Therefore, you must devise some methods like appointment on phone and telling the patients at what time exactly they can visit your clinic or hospital.

This will definitely be a big relief for the patients and their attendants.

7. Be flexible:

It happens the patient is busy in his office and the doctor is available in his clinic. This way the doctor’s office hour doesn’t suit the patient’s.

Just to visit the doctor for advice, he cannot leave his office or business and suffer losses.

Therefore, you as his doctor, must make changes in your clinic timings so that your patients face no inconvenience.

Flexible Timmings

If your patient wants to see you in the morning, you can call him in the morning.

For the people in regular offices, who have to stay in offices since morning to evening, you should make such an arrangement that they can see you in the evening after completing their work.

8. Ask for references:

Generally, doctors receive more patients when their goodwill is spread by word of mouth.

But to promote your practice, your can ask your patients to send more people to your clinic or hospital with the same ailments.

Do not hesitate for their referrals. This can be a useful way getting more footfalls in your clinic.

Ask For References

9. Become a referrer:

Cooperation with other doctors also plays an important role in promotion of your practice.

If you refer some patients to other doctors with whom you have good understanding, they will also be interested in referring patients to you.

Cooperation With Other Doctors

10. Follow up with patients:

Most of the doctors spend their resources on attracting new patients. It is a very good thing.

But they should not forget their existing patients. You should be always in touch with their current patients.

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This way you will be able to nurture a relationship with people from different walk of life and increase referrals.

Build Relation With Your Patients

11. Establish or Enhance Your Presence on Social Media

From buying a movie ticket, grocery to visiting a hotel people do not forget to consult the internet. Then why not they forget to search for a doctor or hospital?

Since people give quick reaction on everything, he must see the number of thumbs down and thumbs up before picking a doctor.

Then he will decide should he become your patient or not.

Therefore, complete detail about your hospital and clinic should be given online.

Enhance Your Presence on Social Media

12. Encourage online reviews:

Online reviews are also important for promoting your medical practice as it will help you more patients.

Encourage your patients to share their feedback online.

When patients leave your clinic or hospital, do not forget to take their email or their social media Id.

Send them follow up emails to know their impression and feeling online. You can offer some discount on their next visit or treatment etc.

And with their reviews are in your favour, publish them on your website with their permission.

Online Reviews

13. Monitor your online presence.

It is essential for you to monitor your online presence. If a lot of patients have said bad things about your treatment, your attitude or your staff and hospital, you should make changes accordingly and improve your performance in the area about which patients have complained.

Don’t forget to respond to the complaints of your patients and show that you are very concerned about them.

Analyse Online Presence

14. Be active on social media.

Social media nowadays is the most effective tool to promote businesses. You must be active on social media to market your practice online to your potential patients.

When one of your patient praises your services or hospital your entire socials contacts see it.

Active On Social Media

For attract more traffic to your page you can get it designed in a best possible way adding more content on different topics related to health.

Moreover, you can engage people in discussion on different issues. It will expand your horizon and your business will expand.

15. Know your target audience:

For attracting more patients to your clinic or hospital, you should also understand people—their gender and average age besides profession and the area they belong.

This way you will be able to sell your services properly and in an effective way to your target people and attract new patients.

Focus on Your Targeted Audience

16. Connect with community:

By taking interest in community affairs you can expand your contacts and you will get an opportunity to promote yourself socially.

For that you can conduct medical camps and organise seminars on various health-related issues to educate people.

People will not only praise you for your efforts but also visit you when they need a doctor.

Conect With Community

17. Compete using your strong points:

It is possible that some people may be complaining that charges at your hospital are very expensive.

You should effectively counter this charge by promoting that you provide quality services and better treatment that are not possible at any other hospital.

For this purpose you can launch campaigns on social media, and smartphone.

Compete Using Your Strong Point

18. Become an authority through content:

You can write articles in newspapers on different health-related issues and become popular as an authority on various subjects.

If it is not possible, you can post small but informative blog posts on your webpage or other medical websites.

When you become popular, more patients will visit your clinic or hospital since they would like to be treated by an expert.

Post Small Blog Posts

19. Create YouTube videos:

Though a lot of information is available online on different diseases and equipment, used in treatment, people still are not clear about them.

Many patients don’t believe or understand the information given in newspaper reports or on social media. They want to hear from the doctor’s mouth.

Therefore, you can clear their doubts and guide them on health issues. Your message should be presented in easy and effective language.

This way, you will be hit not only in your area but also across the world.

Create Youtube Videos-1

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