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brand awareness

Brand Awareness: Everything You Should Know

Brand awareness is defined as the level of consumer consciousness of a company. Know how to build and measure the brand...

customer acquisition

20 Ways To Improve & Boost Customer Acquisition

In this blog, we will take you through what is customer acquisition and strategies that can help you.

b2b lead generation,

15 Lead Generation Strategies That WORK

Is your company trying to get more leads? Here are 15 lead generation strategies work for your business.


How to create a brand image - A definitive guide

We will understand the basics of what is brand image and why it matters. Learn how to create a brand in this ultimate...

How to use Social Media Marketing in Healthcare?

Social media marketing could be the key to the success of your hospital.

How To Increase Cash Paying Patients For Hospitals?

Get top tips from hospital branding & medical marketing experts to increase cash-paying patients and ensure optimal...

10 Ways of Branding and Marketing your Company During and After the CoronaVirus Lockdown

Should we be branding & marketing our company in the Coronavirus lockdown? As a branding company and a digital...

How Remote Working Benefits Your Workforce - 10 Work From Home Advantages

This 10-minute read from Religiate — a digital marketing agency in Hyderabad — will help you get insights on how to...

How To Make Work From Home -- Work For You!

Check out this quick 10-minute read from Religiate — a digital marketing agency in Hyderabad — to get informative...

Increasing Physician Loyalty - Important Healthcare Referral Marketing Strategy

Medical digital marketing companies & healthcare advertisement tips to improve hospital branding and increase business...

How Can Hospital Branding Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Patients?

Healthcare digital marketing companies & medical advertisement tips to improve hospital branding and lifetime value of...

How Hospital Branding can Increase OP to IP Conversions

Get best tips on healthcare digital marketing companies & hospital advertisement tips to improve branding & increase OP...

Healthcare Marketing

How To Get Referral Doctors To Be Sticky With Your Brand

Hospitals rely on referrals for their practice, especially for surgical interventions. Here is a full suite of Referral...

Healthcare Marketing

How to Increase Medical Tourism Potential

How to increase medical tourism potential

Healthcare Marketing

How To Increase The Lifetime Value Of Your Patients?

Understand the importance of and how to calculate patient lifetime value. Know how PLV will help you to increase your...

How To Increase Your Surgery Sign-Ups

Along with hospital advertisement & medical marketing, one should focus on quality products, customer excellence &...

How To Reduce The ALOS At Your Hospital

Average length of stay (ALOS) is a crucial issue which the hospitals are facing in recent times. Here are great ALOS...

How Can You Get The Best Medical Talent To Your Business?

How can you get the best medical talent to your business?


Four Major Benefits of Digital Branding

Digital branding can multiply your profits and help your brand go viral. Hospital branding, healthcare branding and...

Hospital Marketing

19 Healthcare Marketing steps to increase your patient volume

Hospital branding and healthcare advertisement along with quality service can attract a large number of patients to...

Health care and Marketing

4 Ways Healthcare Marketers Should Utilize Social Media

Digital healthcare marketing companies get information on how to use social media for growing your profits.


Why Healthcare Brands Should Develop Compelling Stories

Compelling Visual Stories is a great idea of marketing to build the awareness and to taste the magic og Branding.


How to Plan a Great Event with Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing will help you discover how to increase attendance of future events and also to attract the interest...


Top brand consultants in Hyderabad elaborate on how videos are perfect for increasing the marketing efforts and 20 ways...


Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

Digital marketing in healthcare industry has an enormous impact on the customer's behaviour. so, Companies are focusing...


Social media marketing in healthcare insustry is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and...

Marketing tools

Browse informative articles & blogs on hospital branding/ healthcare marketing to increase your business potential.


Top 7 Healthcare Digital Branding Strategies to Improve Patient Engagement

Digital technologies and healthcare industries can bring about a revolution in patient engagement which in turn acts as...

Marketing tools

Brand Building to your business is able to raise awareness, establish and promote the company using strategies and...


Read insightful blogs on Hospital Marketing | Medical Branding | Hospital Advertisements & how they help increase...


Patient Relationship Management represents a healthcare version of CRM which helps to organise, automate, coordinate...


Medical marketers & hospital branding companies focus on patient' acquisition & retention mostly by evolving a digital...

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