In India, because of rampant unemployment, and job uncertainty in other fields, medical practice is considered to be the safest profession these days. At the same time, ever increasing lifethreatening diseases have also put doctors in great demand.

The challenge

Some years ago, when IT sector was at its peak, students would prefer becoming software engineers than anything else since IT companies paid handsome salaries. Also, they could get a chance to go abroad with lucrative job offers. But with the IT bubble burst, and job opportunities shrinking in the country, hiring and firing trend in the industry has made students jittery and there is a beeline for the medical colleges since the slogan is ‘safety first’.



The general impression is that everybody needs a doctor; therefore, a medical practitioner can easily earn his living without facing any difficulty. They do not need to go Gulf countries to earn money as they can make a lot of money by their practice.


In such a scenario, hiring a doctor by a hospital or clinic is a big challenge in the country. To hire doctors and other medical staff you can make the following measures to get best talent in the market.


Refurbish your image

Therefore, when you want to hire doctors and other medical staff for your hospital you will have to make yourself attractive first. It means, your must refurbish your image and do the branding of your hospital.


You must sell yourself as good employer as getting new talent is not easy. It doesn’t matter the candidate is a recent pass-out or a seasoned doctor, he will definitely seek information about the prospective employer from different sources. He would like to satisfy himself that you can provide him other facilities besides paying him good salary. Only then he will accept your job offer.


Present yourself as employer brand

Therefore, if your want that more MBBS pass-outs or other healthcare professionals accept your offer of employment, you must ensure them that you have positive employer brand and promise better facilities and flexibilities than that of other healthcare organizations.


You can highlight work culture of your hospital and enumerate benefits that will be provided when they join your organisation.




You can quote the statements of the previous employees of your hospital. You can sell the work culture and ethics you follow and tell compelling stories about it.


Your employment brand is your biggest asset that can attract new doctors and other health workers to your hospital. When they see that you are a strong brand and provide healthy and positive work environment, the prospective candidate may like to work for you.


Hire talent search teams

You can also take the services of the talent search team and send them to medical and nursing schools to select the good candidates. You must be proactive as the best talents get offer much before they complete their courses. You can also organise and visit health camps and meet the medical professionals and talk about your hospital, strength and facilities available there. You can also tell them about the work culture at your facility.


Search Teams


Improve Benefits 

Since there is a lot of competition in the healthcare market, big hospitals try to poach on best talent available at their competitors’ facility to fill the gap. Therefore, to attract good professionals you need to offer better compensations and other benefits not only to the new staff but to your staff lest they also go to your competitors.


Talk to candidates personally

Since it is a matter of acquiring good talent, you can yourself talk to the candidates telling them policies you follow and the use of best technology and equipment for treatment at your hospital.


There may be candidates who would like to learn new things that they can utilized for their career growth and earn name as a good doctor. However, most of them will ask for good pay package as well as good working condition.


Talk To Candidates


Create candidate pipeline

Since health industry is very competitive, it requires you to be watchful every time for new talents. Despite your best efforts, doctors may leave your hospital. After learning the basics and getting enough experience, many candidates may say goodbye to you to start their own practice or open a hospital.


Therefore, you should have a flow of qualified health workers. You should search for talent not only at the local level but also at the national level so that your hospital doesn’t face staff crunch.


For that purpose, you should be in touch with medical society, university, medical colleges and other avenues from where you can procure staff for your facility every time you feel that you need fresh blood to be infused in your medical business.


Utilize Innovating Sourcing Methods

Since you are very busy, you do not have time to do go outside everytime and search for candidates for your hospital, you can take services of Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO). A talented and well-informed RPO have ample knowledge about the healthcare industry and it knows where the real talent is available. A RPO will be able to arrange for health workers for your hospital.


There are several RPO companies on the market and many of them will do a great job with helping you find the right candidate. They can also help you find excellent employees at the beginning, and will strengthen the process of hiring so that you continue to find top-notch employees to work at your organization and make sure your hiring practices make sense and are working in your favor. To find out more on how RPO works, please check this guide.


Besides employing youngsters, you can also recruit retired health officers for your hospital. These seniors have ample experience, training and discipline and the best person to be hired. With their experience, you can bridge the gap.

 Innovating Sourcing Method



Be in touch with good candidates

You need to maintain a pool of good talents to sustain and never be short of staff when it comes to the crunch. Therefore, you should be always in touch with good candidates they can fill the gap when the situation arises.


If you ignore or overlook and do not have a proper communication with them, it will have very bad impression on them about you. They may also share their impression on social media that may damage your brand among the prospective candidates.


Therefore, your hiring team should always be careful when interacting with them. They must have a good communication with them. When you require them, give them green signal that they can join your organization as vacancies are created in the hospital.


Good Candidates


Utilizing social media profiles

Your presence on socials media is extremely important not just attracting more patients but also more health workers and doctors.

Nowadays, people are quick to express their opinion on everything including medical treatment at a hospital. Therefore, among those who will be interested in seeing the patient’s reaction and reviews on the treatment at your hospital, there may be doctors and paramedical professionals who want to join your hospital. They read the reviews to know more about you and your hospital. You can publish positive testimonials and statements of people. Through these testimonials you can entice the prospective candidate to join your hospital.


On social media you can easily tell your prospective candidate about your company’s value and quality of services provided there.


To make the candidates a feel how it feels working here, you can post photos of your hospital and the other activities taking place besides treatment. Through this window they can get a picture that your hospital is really a good place to work at.


 Utilizing Social Media Profiles



Retaining talent


Keep a growth plan

Since you have employed staff, your hospital management should be involved with them keeping in mind the long-term needs of the organization. With the growth of the organization, individual career path should also be created for the medical workers such as doctors and others. This policy will be beneficial not only for the individual but also for the hospital in realizing the long-term goals.


The career path of a medical staff member should be related to the specific activities that can be utilized on regular basis for the growth of the organization.


Keep folks happy

Make employees aware of opportunities for their advancement. If you have a plan for their overall development, they will be aware of their advancement in their career and they work with enthusiasm. They must also be given the opportunity to apply to work in other department of the organization so that their talent can be utilized somewhere else also. The management should have a policy to award the medical staff for their good work.


Besides, your hospital management must have a policy to keep them under-stressed besides offering hefty pay packages and provide benefits with rising income of the hospital. This can do wonders. The medical staff may feel that they are very much part of the entity. This will attract more talent to your organization.


Qualities of Top Healthcare Talent

When you are searching for the medical staff for your hospital, you will be looking for the best talent in the industry, in the area where you operate. Therefore, you must look for certain qualities in the candidates. These are:


Grace under pressure : Saving life is a challenging job. It becomes more challenging when the patient is in a critical condition and his relatives are waiting outside the operation theatre to hear about the present condition of their loved one. On one hand, the doctor has to treat the patient and on the other, he has to respond the queries of the relatives, who, sometimes, get angry with the doctor and other medical staff and allege carelessness on the part of them.


In this situation, the doctor is supposed to be very patient and calm and charming while dealing with the relatives of the patient. The medical staff must take the criticism gracefully without getting angry with attendants.


Empathy : Besides being calm in the critical condition, the doctor and other medical staff should have empathy and feel the pain of the patient and their relatives. They must think about the situation not from their own perspective only. It is better they put themselves in the patients’ shoes and understand their problem. Not only that the patients face the problem of diseases, they also have to deal with the effect of the high power medicines besides the family problems crop up after a family member falls ill.


Communication skills : Communication is also an important aspect of the medical profession. The doctor and other medical staff have to speak with patients and their relatives frequently. Therefore, it requires that they should be a good listener besides being a good communicator. They must communicate the information to the patients in such a way that they can understand easily and explain what treatment is needed.


Flexibility : The doctor and medical staff members need to be flexible in discharging their duties as any emergency can arise anytime and it may disturb their schedule. Instead of being rigid regarding their other engagements, they must be flexible about timings according the need of the time. For them, it is not the 9am to 5pm job. They need to adjust accordingly.


Attention to detail : Sometimes a little bit of carelessness may cause a lot of harm to the patient and it can have great consequences. The healthcare workers have to pay attention to even small developments taking place in the patient’s body. They must make sure that the patient is properly attended and given treatment accordingly. They must make thorough charts and lists and follow procedures to get the things done.


Being part of a team : Healthcare workers are team members. Without the help of nurses and other paramedics, even doctors cannot run the show. Therefore, to get the things done, they work together and have a understanding among themselves with getting on treatment. They know very well when the situation will arise and they come forward to do their job. It has positive effect on the environment of the hospital and also on patients.


As we all know that healthcare is an intense field and also demanding. When the emergency arises, the health workers’ common sense and their talent are on display. In the tense situation they do not lose patience and keep calm. Therefore, while you select the candidate for your hospital, you must keep in mind the above-mentioned qualities besides talent and qualification. Otherwise, there will be arguments and quarrel with patients and other customers. And your image will be slurred which you have carefully built up after years of efforts. A bad experience in a hospital gets engraved on a patient’s mind for ever. You may find another patient and forget about him but not him.


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