Brand awareness is defined as the level of consumer consciousness of a company. And if you want your company/product/service to grow and thrive, you have to spread brand awareness.

In this blog, we will take you through 

  1. What is Brand Awareness?

  2. How To Measure Brand Awareness?

  3. Elements of brand awareness
  4. What is brand building?
  5. 30 Amazing Brand Awareness Strategies
  6.  7 Ways To Raise Brand Awareness for B2B Healthcare

  7.  Best Real Estate Brand Examples and Why They WIN!

1. What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is defined as the level of consumer consciousness of a company. And if you want your company/product/service to grow and thrive, you have to spread brand awareness.

Brand awareness can be your greatest asset, especially in this tough competition.

It is the way consumers today recognise and remember your business. Think logo, messaging, and products.

Brand awareness is an all-encompassing term for how aware and informed people are about what your brand has to offer.


what is brand awareness

1.1 What Can Brand Awareness Do For You?

Though brand awareness is a very broad concept, it is critical for the growth of any brand. Yes, it is not a metric, but it doesn’t imply that it won’t add any value.


What Can Brand Awareness Do For You?

Brand awareness is pivotal for success. Here’s what it can do:

a) Brand awareness fosters trust & credibility

Consumers today are heavily reliant on extensive research. They believe in the opinions of others so word of mouth. The trust of the brand is everything.


Brand awareness fosters trust & credibility

Brand awareness and brand equity

As consumers bond with your brand, they are more likely to make repeat purchases. When this starts happening with little forethought –– it bridges the gap between trust and loyalty.

Brand awareness hierarchy

The brand awareness hierarchy goes like this:

    • Know - Make people aware of your brand
    • Like - Have a positive image of your brand in the mind of the customer
    • Trust - Make them start believing in your brand

With brand awareness, your brand gets a personality — an outlet to tell a story. Brand relationships are like human relationships, you have to nurture and harvest them.

b) Brand awareness creates association

Every brand is associated with something in our mind. For example, if you had a cut on your hand — you’d probably think of Band-Aid. If you wanted a copy perhaps Xerox came to the mind.

Brand awareness creates association

And when you thought of noodles — probably Maggi!

All of these are brands. And we associate with them.

Ideally speaking, if you think in brand-less terms, then the above would be-

    • Bandage for cuts

    • Copier or photocopy

    • Instant noodles

See that’s the kind of brand association the customer has with a particular product.

As a customer, one associates actions and products with brands. We tend to replace common words with branded terms subconsciously. 

Here are some other examples of brand association:

  • Downy is soft

  • Tesla is electric

  • Coca-Cola is classic

  • BMW is driving performance

  • Apple is simple

  • ZARA is fashionable

c) Brand awareness helps to build brand equity

What is brand equity?

Brand equity is the best way to describe a brand’s value. The brand value is a summary of consumer experiences with and overall perception of the brand. 

It is a blend of positive experiences and perception that boost brand equity. If the brand value is negative, it creates a poor impression.

what is brand equity

Good brand equity helps to:

    • Increase prices due to higher perceived value

    • Lead to higher stock price

    • Expand business through product or service line extensions

    • Greater social impact due to brand name value

For example, regular sugared water sells at $1. It could sell at $3 because when it is from Coca Cola or Pepsi. This is how a brand can impact the price. This $2 difference is simply because of brand equity value in this case.

How do you increase brand equity? 

By building brand awareness and consistently promoting positive experiences with the brand. Brand awareness is the foundation of brand equity.

Managing brand equity

After the consumer is completely aware of your brand and recognises it, they prefer it over other similar brands. This eventually results in loyalty and inspires recommendations.

Which Ad Format Is Recommended For Building Awareness?

    • Image ads

    • Dynamic image ads

    • Display ads with location extensions

    • Universal app campaigns

2. How To Measure Brand Awareness?

For an advertiser focused on branding, what are the key success metrics? Even though you may have the right brand awareness strategies, measuring brand awareness is critical.

For this, you need the right brand measurement tools. A variety of factors determine brand awareness like goals and objectives, audience behaviours, and distribution channels.

2.1 Brand impressions


Brand Impressions

Though you may not get how many people saw or absorbed your content, you can view how many people were shown. From this point, check for metrics like:

  • Engagement

  • Clicks

  • Website traffic 

Tools that can help you measure the same:

  • Social media sites like Facebook

  • Search platforms like Google AdWords

  • Native-advertising platform like Taboola

2.2 Website traffic

Website traffic will give you a gist of people visiting your website or the traffic you are getting. It indicates how many new hits you are getting and how many older customers are returning.

Website traffic

Google Analytics is a great tool to measure website traffic. It helps:

  • Measure website traffic over time,

  • Check referral sources

  • Break down your visitor pool based on demographics & behaviour 

2.3 Social media engagement

You can get a wealth of metrics and robust analytics tools from social media engagement. This particularly holds true for ads and sponsored posts. It's important to measure social metrics through:

  • Reach

  • Impressions

  • Likes

  • Shares

  • Comments

  • Clicks

  • Follows

  • Mentions

  • Hashtag 

Tools to measure social media engagement:

  • Hootsuite

  • Buffer

Different social platforms give different analytics for your brand-awareness campaigns.

2.4 External links

It is measuring where your website is being linked externally. It helps identify places where your website has been improperly linked. It could be it is misspelt.

measure external links

Tools to measure external links:

  • Link Explorer from Moz

  • Linkody's Backlink Checker

2.5 Earned media

Earned media is the third-party publicity you get — for free. This could include mentions in the blog, social media, etc.

You should measure earned media to see:

  • Who is talking about your brand

  • What they're saying

  • When they said it 

Tools to measure earned media 

  • Cision's Media Monitoring

  • Monitoring from Critical Mention

2.6 Brand awareness surveys

Speaking to your customers directly and gathering qualitative feedback is known as brand-awareness surveys. These surveys include questions like:

  • Are you aware of our brand?

  • When you think of our brand, what comes to mind?

  • Which competitors have you heard of?

These surveys give context to your quantitative data and build brand affinity.

Tools to conduct a brand-awareness survey:

  • SurveyMonkey

  • Typeform

2.7 Search volume data

To build brand awareness on search platforms like Google, one has to analyse the search volume for their business. Industry keywords matter here too.

Search volume data

It helps you understand how much interest there is around your brand and industry. With this data, you can launch informed and targeted campaigns.

Tools to measure search volume data:

  • Google Trends & Google Keyword Planner

  • Moz Keyword Explorer

  • SEMrush

What are the key benefits of using the Google display network?

Google display network integrates ads into carefully chosen websites. Through this, it can reach users while they shop, browse or read.

It can help you to view:

  • Larger Audience Reach

  • Get Cheaper Cost Per Clicks

  • Different Pricing Models

  • Visual Ads

  • Remarketing Ads

  • No Control Of Ad Display

  • Ads Might Not Be Relevant To The Website

  • You Can't Fine Tune Your Audience

Which two bidding strategies can boost brand awareness and recognition?


  •  Cost-per-view (CPV)

  • Cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM)

CPV is a bidding method for video campaigns. Here one has to pay for a view, which is basically when a viewer sees 30 seconds of your video ad or interacts with the ad.

With cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) an ad is only "viewable" if 50 percent of the ad shows on the screen. This applies to1 second or longer for display ads, or 2 seconds or longer for video ads.

3. Elements of brand awareness

There are many different elements of brand awareness:

  • Brand recall

  • Consumer awareness

  • Business awareness

  • Brand salience

And more. Let's glance through them quickly:

3.1 Brand recall

3.1.1 What is a brand recall?

The term implies the ability of a customer to recall or recollect the name of a brand instantly. It is a qualitative measure of the customer's potential to remember the name of a brand.

Brand recall

3.1.2 Why is brand recall important?

Brand recall can help a company or organisations to determine how easily their target audience remember their brand.

3.1.2 What is the difference between brand recognition and brand recall?

Brand recall indicates a stronger connection to a brand as it is an unaided recall or spontaneous recall. Brand recognition is usually triggered through cues.

3.2 Consumer awareness

Consumer Awareness is a strategy to ensure that the buyer or consumer is aware of the information about products, goods, services, etc. It ensures that the buyer can make the right choice and make an informed decision.

Consumer awareness

3.2.1 How do you raise consumer awareness?

The idea is to raise awareness through a logical message. In the next step, you give customers a solution to that problem. Then you present the solution to solve the respective problem. Finally, showcase your brand as the best solution for that problem.

3.3 What is business awareness?

Business or commercial awareness is defined as the ability to understand what makes your business or service successful. It can be either buying or selling products or offering services. This awareness is also known as organizational awareness'.

3.3.1 Why is business awareness critical?

Business awareness is essential for branding because you want to ensure that the sales or marketing team has the requisite knowledge and understanding of the business world so that they can relate to their clients' interests.

3.4 What is the brand salience?

Brand Salience is defined as the degree or level to which your brand is thought of or noticed. The better your brand, the higher your Brand Salience.

3.4.1 How is brand salience measured?

Like brand awareness, brand salience is measured via tracking surveys. However, one fault is that many existing brand tracking surveys emphasize evaluation. It means many attributes which don't measure memory but rather measure attitude could be missed.

All of the above add to your complete brand awareness experience. For example, a brand awareness questionnaire is a significant survey to measure some metrics. 

How is brand salience measured?

4. What is brand building? 

Brand building is generating awareness about your business. It can be done via a series of strategies and campaigns. This is done with the goal of creating a unique and lasting image of your brand in the marketplace. 

What is brand building? 

Positive image + standing out = brand success. 

Brand building involves:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Marketing

5. 30 Amazing Brand Awareness Strategies

Listed below are some of the best strategies to build brand awareness and take your business where you aspire it to be:

1. Content Marketing and Distribution

For any company, content is the fuel that drives brand image. Ensure that you update informative content to suit target audience segments.

Content Marketing and Distribution

In this reference, ensure you:

2. Provide useful information
3. Use visuals and infographics
4. Make use of multimedia
5. Have interactive content
6. Re-market your content
7. Give free gifts, coupons, etc.
8. Send newsletters, emails, etc
9. Think of an industry publication or blog
10. Regular content production

11. Networking 

Make sure that your network and establish a rapport with your clients and prospective customers. Networking helps form business relationships and identify, create, or act upon business opportunities. It includes sharing information and seeking potential partners for ventures.

You can

12. Invite guest bloggers 
13. Start referral programs
14. Forge local partnerships
15. Involve the community
16. Join your relevant chamber of commerce

17. Set up Social Media 

Social media will allow your allows users to create and share content with others quickly. It's a simple way to build brand awareness without burning a hole in your pocket.

Social Media

Once you have an account on different social media channels:

18. Start posting daily 
19. Opt for paid ads
20. Consider social publishing
21. Have contests and give-aways
22. Take polls & surveys
23. Make use of Hashtags
24. Tag/mention influences

25. Bring out exclusive offers

Exclusive offers — especially limited ones, not only foster brand awareness — it triggers or has a sense of urgency.

26. Have limited time deals
27. Keep the launch closed
28. Give freebies to unique customers
29. Introduce membership benefits

30. Be creative

Don't get restrictive when it comes to the idea. Be open to extermination and creativity when it comes to brand awareness strategies… You never know what could click!

6. 7 Ways To Raise Brand Awareness for B2B Healthcare

B2B has plenty of growth and investment opportunities — you just need to find the right approach. There’s not just one rule of creating brand awareness here but many….

Financial analysts report that the healthcare sector is valued at around $4.2 billion and is growing at a double rate that the rest of the world economy stands at 3.6% annually.


Brand Awareness for B2B Healthcare

The digital future

Digital transformations in healthcare provide enough room for continuous and constant technological innovation. This market is expected to reach global revenue of about $536 billion by 2025.

It is important to increase their level of awareness and consideration. There is a shift in the focus on the consumer experience. Today, patients play an ever-increasing role in managing their own health. 

Performance metrics are inclined towards value-based assessments:

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Prevention over treatment The digital future



1. Content rules

Even B2B healthcare brand awareness is towards creating specific strategic content. You want more leads.

Your content should be a smart balance of educational and self-promotional. In short, it should be useful for customers. Do keep it updated in terms of technologies and topics to be dealt with.

2. Do an audit

Not tax — but an audit of your overall performance on social media. The visual audit of your healthcare industry reveals identities that lackluster. Utilize your symbols to convey positioning as these are express your brand’s distinctiveness.

For example, the logo of a popular healthcare brand immediately leads to brand recall. This, in turn, will work wonders for your company’s brand awareness.

3. Use the right channel

You should use the right channels to connect with your target audience. Not all social media platforms are equal.

For instance, when it comes to b2b healthcare brand awareness, LinkedIn is a better option considering more professionals use the network.

Of course, there is Facebook. It gives you the ability to create groups so you can bring together professionals from the sector. It’s a great opportunity for social networking.


b2b healthcare brand awareness 

4. Be creative

Don’t make healthcare brand awareness boring. There are so many ways to spruce things up.

Though technical content is expected, it needn’t be boring. You can try and explore health-related issues effectively and originally.

Let’s take the example of healthcare 2b2 brand awareness of HIMSS podcasts. HIMSS is a company that offers better healthcare education through IT solutions. They further integrated its content healthcare marketing with 13 different podcasts. 

They were able to get amazing results and were appreciated by professionals.

This is just an example. LinkedIn research further showed that B2B marketing strategies that employed podcasts increased by 50% within 12 months.

5. Include videos

No B2B healthcare brand awareness strategy is complete without a video. The video format is easily understood and extremely popular.

It also helps your company page ensures a better Google search response. When building relevant video content, do ensure that you can reach your target audience.

Try showing things in a way they haven’t been perceived before. It could be through subtle humor or even reflecting real stories and incidents.

6. Make it human

The humanizing idea is a critical component of healthcare B2B marketing. Remember that when you create brand awareness based on emotional communication, you can reach the target audience more effectively.

Humanize your interests and take advantage of different touchpoints. A positive emotional narrative improves the effectiveness of healthcare marketing.

7. Numbers matter

Knowing the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of your audience is not enough. One should also monitor their activity and interpret the different result metrics is essential.

It will help you evaluate if the path you have chosen is right or not. Do collect and interpret the metrics to meet profile-specific market targets.

7. Best Real Estate Brand Examples And Why They WIN!

Best Real Estate Brands

This company was formed in 1873 and is known best as a luxury New York City brokerage.

Brown Harris Stevens' brand awareness is all about synonymous with luxury & exclusivity. They have a white-glove service that goes along with it.

Let's take an insight into why they score:


Bold Honest Smart

The only problem was dated branding. So they changed branding while retaining the essence of the brand BHS (as you can see in the above image) became Bold Honest Smart.

The older logo and slogan Pentagram created for BHS is an ideal combination of the two. It's something that brings to mind high-end professional services.

Brand awareness real estate is like a mnemonic device to help people actually remember the slogan and the picture logo!

Brand awareness real estate

See how this logo works well with their website! Though filled with information on them, BHS' branding calls for spare, minimal, layout that is easy on the eyes. The colour is a standout too.

Here are the 10 things you should try to maximise brand awareness for your real estate company:

1) Establish your brand

Without a brand, there is no brand awareness. Concrete creative assets, like a logo and images, etc. add to the same.

2) Start a blog.

Think that people don't' read property blogs? But a blog increases the amount of traffic search engines send to your website. More information you give your prospective clients the higher you rank.


3) Become a resource

Educating and nurturing the audience that's what content marketing is all about! Focus on buyer needs instead.

4) Make sharing easy

Make it simple and easy for your audience to connect and share. Share links can bring in more traffic than you know!

5) Think of content partnerships

Real estate companies can tie-up with other vendors, websites, etc. For example, it could be a bank or financial lender or even an interior design company.

content partnerships

6) Promote local

Real estate is a highly location-oriented industry. Do promote yourself locally on seminars or festivals, etc.

Apart from this, also:

7) Hold contents/offer discounts

8) Try paid social advertising

9) Leverage influencer marketing

10) Get visual with your content

Creating brand awareness for hospitals is very different from regular branding. Any health system can convert into a successful brand only if certain essential components are met.

What makes the difference?

Well, for starters hospital brand awareness is not just about eye-popping logos — though a good logo always plays a helping hand in the long run.

Hospital brand awareness needs a broader and more purpose-oriented. This helps create an understanding of what the organization is all about. It should embrace not only the consumer or patient standpoint but also to the internal stakeholders.

Determine the brand

Next comes the patients. You have to give a lot of attention to insight generation and data collection processes. Knowing what a patient wants or looks for are the pillars of your brand. 

Branding permeates every facet of the experience. This includes the patients and people who communicate or work within the organization. From the reception desk to the doctor, or play a role in raising brand awareness.

The Challenges of Maintaining Brand Awareness

It is increasingly important for hospitals to develop distinct branding. Only then can they promote their brand to gain market attention.

hospital brand is a living business asset. It has to be nurtured incessantly to maintain and retain your position in this fast-changing world.

generic patient value

A patient is not really worried about the size of your practice — it is quality that matters. For example, a patient won’t mind going to a small clinic if the doctors and services offered are top-class.

Focusing on the eternal values of patient welfare is what you need to do. The four vital aspects here are:

  • Commitment — A practice that cares for a patient’s future

  • Engagement — A practice that does what it says

  • Reputation — Patients like what the practice has to offer

  • Responsiveness — Patients are pleased when the practice responds to their needs

Customer lifetime value

Hospital brand awareness can increase CLV or Customer Lifetime Value. This is a prediction of the average value a business can expect to get from its customers during its entire relationship with them. 

Another fact is that hospital branding is a key aspect of increasing your OP to IP conversion rate. For the healthcare sector, it deals with the level of care, honesty, reliability the brand is in the eyes of the patient.

If you want to attain competitive advantage is through the concept of brand equity, which is defined as a set of assets linked to a brand. It comprises of:

  • Brand loyalty

  • Brand association

  • Perceived quality

  • Brand awareness

When it comes to healthcare or hospitals, branding is all about people. Right from greeting a patient to contributing to the local community — your tiniest efforts will make a difference. So make sure you entail all of the above.

Remember that at the end of the day, brand awareness in marketing begins by understanding and differentiating concepts of branding, brand recognition, and brand recall. 

And once you differentiate them, bring them together to achieve a successful brand awareness campaign. 

For this, it is critical to identify what makes you different. Post it; you have to be consistent with branding across channels. And finally, don’t let negativity be a part of your brand awareness campaign. Think positive and use your logo, brand name, and URL to strengthen your brand identity and reinforce brand awareness.


Brand awareness can help create traction for your brand. It is the very first step in the marketing funnel. And it is a crucial foundation to acquire customers eventually.

With the customer's ability to recall and recognize your business, your revenues continuously keep growing.

At the end of the day, brand awareness is not a one-way strategy. You need to invest in brand awareness.

Now you know that brand awareness lies at the foundation of your company's growth and your audience's understanding of your value. We can help you adapt and nurture client relationships to engage prospects.

Visit us at to find your customized strategy.





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